Question by Rosie: I want to try an automated money making program. Can money be made?
I would like any suggestions of good programs that advertise and close sells for you. I’m looking for one that has a product that is really unique and needed. I’d like one that uses direct response marketing to sell and promote for me. I’d be willing to pay a percentage to them and a monthly fee if this would help me earn money. I’d like this to become a residual income for me. Does a monthly fee mean that everytime someone does the same thing, I would continue to receive on a continuous basis. This sounds interesting to me. Has anyone found a good program and really making money with no additional advertising costs? If you know of a program that is automated but that I can pay my fees or setup and still make a good profit.

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Answer by paintballjla
i don’t know

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Automated Income Streams – AIS System by Chris Cobb
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Automated Income Stream Home Study Course – AIS System by Chris Cobb
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automated income streams?

Question by : automated income streams?
has anyone tried an automated income stream? know any good sites?

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Answer by Jack Nesky
no, but im interested…

wut the hell is it?

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