Question by reznor222: Where Can I find a good Webhosting Affiliate program?
I am in need of a good webhost that provides an affiliate program with monthly residual income. Does anyone know of a site?

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Answer by arichmofo
That’s an easy one! has an incredible affiliate program that has a stepped commission bracket depending upon how many commissions you bring in within a month – hence, you paid more per commission with the more commissions that you make within a month!

Have you tried any other affiliate programs? I belong to one that is kicking **** with their offers and conversions, pays weekly, and only makes money when you make money! They have support available all day through MSN/AIM, and you get all kinds of incentives to perform! Not only do you get individual performance incentives, but there are monthly competitions as well to get all kinds of cool stuff if you should win!

Click on the banner ad at the top of the below website and sign up… they will send you an e-mail with your account manager’s name and AIM/MSN account…

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affiliate money making
by ccstbp

Question by Vicky B: Does anyone make money with the adult friend finder affiliate program?
If anyone does can they please tell me how promote that brand. Is there a way to make money fast with just your affiliate link using ppc instead of making a website?

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Answer by Rob
Hi, Vicky

I’ve been affiliated with aff for a long time. I never really promoted it, yet it still brings in a few dollars. Every couple of months I get a check in the mail from websites I have long since abandoned.

AFF really has a great webmaster area, giving you more than enough tools, links, customization, and much much more. If you don’t make money with them, you can’t say it’s because they don’t have enough webmaster resources.

Funny thing is that when I kept getting these checks, I didn’t really know who they were from. I just deposited them and would try to figure it out later. I wasn’t sure if it was an aff check since it’s not written out from aff, and the checks don’t have much detail on them as to what they are for.

When I finally narrowed it down to who it was, I couldn’t even remember how to login to verify it was them.

Anyway, it’s a highly competitive niche. I think the best way to promote it would be through link exchanges with other dating sites. A good place to find dating sites that exchange links is That’s all I’ve done, so I can’t speak to other promotion methods like adwords ppc.

Of course article marketing is pretty much proven method, just have to watch the “adult” part since most article directories are family friendly.

The few dollars I make from aff is 100% from link exchanges I setup about 8 years ago. I haven’t promoted it since, but I am reconsidering it now that I know where these damn checks are coming from. LOL

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Question by Laura E: What is the most profitable affiliate program on the Internet to make money right away?
I want to make good money. No mlms or network marketing. I am looking for an affiliate type program that I can set up right away, and get started quickly, without major sign up fees or requirements. Something that is popular, and easy to market.

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Answer by Jimmy
Wow, great question!

I use .
It is not what you are looking for but they have some cool things there and its not impossible.

I “bought” all of my internet domain names there. Just by filling out a few surverys and crap.

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Question by Billi: What is the main key to making money with affiliate marketing?
There is so much information out there about affiliate marketing that it is making my head spin.

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Answer by Pratibha Bharati

Generate Traffic of your website.


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Question by captainespinosa: I am thinking of becoming an affiliate by advertising products on my Blog. I want to start an online business.?
Can anyone show me where I can find good products? And or show me how to write a good blog to get a lot of attention. I know there are ways to make money online without any out of pocket cash, and that is what I am looking for. Because I feel why spend money to make someone else some money. Can you help me in any way shape or form?
Thanks. God bless you.

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Answer by Iaesmom
Good places to sell product for are bay and amazon. Look at products you like online and see if the page is looking for affiliates. Even ticketmaster sells through affiliates.

Here’s a good place to start learning about blogging and get a good free site. Read this and see if it interests you. Hope it helps

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Question by elana242: How does one start to be an affiliate marketer and does one need a website?
I do not have a website but I need to make money. Promoting other’s products seems like a good idea, however I have no idea how to get started. I have bought several scams and they did not work or I simply did not understand them.

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Answer by G N A
I’ve listed a resource for you to learn about affiliate marketing and it’s one of the best on the internet.

Remember, when you become an affiliate you are actually a commissioned sales person, so you earn more when the people you refer to the merchant sells more. You do not sell the product or service – you find people interested in them and refer them to the merchant. The merchant’s job is to sell their own product or service.

Click the link below and see if this will help you.

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