Question by Fred Freeze: Is the main stream media getting ready to criticize what the RNC does about the hurricane?
If they go ahead with it, they will complain they don’t value human life. If they don’t, they will call them chicken.
btw……why doesn’t the main stream media cover: The economy, The war or the fact that 60% of liberals don’t pay their fare share of taxes because they are on some type of gov’t assistance?

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Answer by truth seeker
No. That only makes you sound paranoid and ignorant.

BTY , one hundred percent of the Liberals that I know paid a higher percentage in taxes than Romney did.

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Q&A: What do you think about this opportunity?

Question by tom g: What do you think about this opportunity?
I am considering doing this program. Does anyone know about these things…..Does anyone want the opportunity to get into a system that will produce multiple income streams at the startup of this company? The potential seems great with enormous downstream income potential. This web site creates multiple streams of income from your home computer. The cost is minimal and the potential is great. For a free tour go to

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Answer by Dutch Master
scam cityyyyyyyyyy scam city . Thanks for the 2 points and my pleasure and no charge to report you to yahoo for advertising on the forum – loserrrrrrrrrrrrr

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The Truth About Multipe Income Streams – Ray Higdon shares the truth about multiple income streams and how you can build them.
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How do I go about investing in stocks?

Question by Antonio G: How do I go about investing in stocks?
My friend/ roommate says that investing in stocks is the best way to earn residual income, coming form interest, etc. How do I go about doing that? What would be my first steps?

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Answer by Elliott P
Contact a stock broker to find out all the details- they generally set you up for a pretty good run.

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Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. For U.S. Marine Sgt. Winston Fiore, it was a news article about the International Children’s Surgical Foundation (ICSF) and Dr. Geoff Williams, who provides free facial-reconstructive surgeries for children with cleft lips/palates in developing countries. Although cleft palates are quite correctable, if left untreated the deformity can cause serious health issues. Many children don’t have the surgery because the cost of each procedure ($ 250 USD) is out of reach for their families.

Inspired to do something to help, Winston set out on a 5,000-mile trek across Southeast Asia to raise money and awareness for the ICSF—a mission he dubbed Smile Trek. Armed with sturdy boots, a 20-pound vest carrying essentials and an Android phone with Google Maps, Winston set off on his mission in October 2011. In the last year, he has walked (yes, walked!) through Brunei, China, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Along the way he’s met countless individuals who have contributed to his cause, whether it was a place to stay, a hot meal or a monetary donation on his website.

Trekking along: Winston, standing in front of a durian fruit stand near Sematan, the westernmost town of Malaysian Borneo

Out on the road, Winston’s Android phone and Google Maps became “the hub” of his entire operation. He used Google Maps to find accurate and easy-to-use walking directions everywhere he went, whether it was through remote villages and farms, down tiny dirt roads, or across rice paddies and desolate sugar cane fields. “Walking directions in Google Maps were critical to my trek. The directions were accurate and efficient—it’s essential to take the shortest route when you’re walking 20-25 miles each day,” said Winston. “But the best part was being routed onto roads and trails through areas I otherwise never would have discovered with, say, driving directions, or even a physical map.”

View the complete map of Winston’s journey on his site

In addition to using Google Maps, Winston relied on many other Google products during his trek. He used Google Latitude to keep his family, friends and supporters informed of his whereabouts, and MyTracks to record his speed, distance and the places he visited. He also used Google Translate to communicate with locals, and in one case found it essential: when bit by a stray dog outside of Bangkok, he typed “I got bit by a dog, can someone take me to a hospital?” into his app. A taxi driver took him to the hospital, where he got 11 shots!

Today, after walking 5,000 miles in 408 days, Sgt. Fiore completes his journey, with more than $ 65,000 raised for ICSF. The money will help to fund more than 200 life-saving surgeries for children in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. If you’d like to contribute to the International Children’s Surgery Fund and Winston Fiore’s effort, we encourage you to visit

The Official Google Blog

Question by The Don: Thinking about buying a Hyundai Tuscon 4 Cylinder (Automatic trans)… any positives/negatives I should know?
I’ve looked at a special offer running on a new one but I’d like to hear from someone who owns one. (We have a small family & a dog on a single income.)

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Answer by aj20031018
Well, since you have a family and sound like you will be carry a load at times I think you should upgrade to the V6 model like the SE. The Tucson SE has 33 more HP and and 40 more Torque 2 gallon larger tank and gets about 1.5 MPG less then the GLS. You might also consider the Santa Fe GLS for about the same price though. Since you are single income, I’d consider getting a used model like a 2007 and save about 45-50% off the retail price. Hyundai has once again been named the #1 non-luxury brand for initial quality by JD Power.

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Question by : Where can I learn about getting started making money with Dating Affiliate Programs?

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Question by d w: What do you think about making money with google? i’m looking for streams of income?
would you trust it.

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Answer by helplesswonder
There should be no trust issue with google, the company is legit. Its just take alot of effort to actually make a significant amount of money. But it can be done, there is no doubt about that.. Try adding that along with something else to suppplement it..

What do you think? Answer below! – The great thing about blogging with a passionate purpose is that you know about the subject and love it. Many a wise man has said to find what you love first, and then find a way to make money with it. That in itself is true power.

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