It's a great week for the Website Optimizer YouTube channel. On the heels of Dan Siroker's talk, How we used data to win the election, we just posted two recorded . The first webinar is Planning and Running your First Experiment with . David Booth, one of our authorized consultants, gives an outstanding presentation that guides you through setting up your first test. Along the way, he shares lots of great insights, case studies, and tips for increasing your conversion rate.
The second webinar is about the Website Optimizer Experiment Management API and is aimed at a more technical audience. In this webinar, Website Optimizer engineers Erika Rice-Scherpelz and Gary Kacmarcik explain how to use the API. We also have a demonstration from Ken Colborn, also a GWO authorized consultant, on how he's integrated Website Optimizer with their Motivity CMS platform.
Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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