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Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a stirring speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with the words “I have a dream.” Today, we’re sharing a new way to take part in this historic moment through a web experience developed by our friends at Organic and Unit9 for the National Park Foundation.

Called “March on Washington,” the experience invites you to relive that moment in time by listening to an original recording of Dr. King’s words accompanied by immersive photography from the event itself.
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Question by Joshua E: What are the downsides to subleasing commercial property.?
I have a friend that is strictly focused and only subleases commercial properties. He swears that it is the best way to get residual income with limited risk. What are some of the downsides and what are some of the pluses???

Best answer:

Answer by Ty H
The main one is that the leasor stops making payments and you will have to vacate. Happens quite frequently.

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Scientists at Google Labs have discovered it’s not easy to be a great rock drummer. Your task is to devise an algorithm to audition drummers based on the imperfections of their rhythms.

This is the type of challenge that was posed to the finalists of our 10th annual Code Jam last week. Twenty-four of the world’s best coders were flown to London to compete for the title of Code Jam Champion 2013 and the accompanying $15,000.

Belarus’s Ivan Miatselski, a.k.a. “mystic,” was crowned Champion, besting more than 45,000 other registrants and making it through four online qualifying rounds before winning the in-person finals. The final round was a four-hour, five-problem tour de code. Throughout Code Jam, contestants are allowed to use any programming language and any development environment they like, ranging from C++ to Taxi. And while the finalists are among the among the most talented, we’ve yet to see anyone earn a perfect score during the final round.

Successfully solving the problems involves more than just writing code: contestants in this year’s finals needed mastery of computational geometry, dynamic programming, numerical algorithms and more. Though the competition is fierce, Code Jam is also a growing community of skilled problem-solvers, engineers and friends from all over the world. Code Jam will be back in 2014—join our community on Google+ and look for more news to come.

Posted by Onufry Wojtaszczyk, Software Engineer, Google Code Jam

Semiologic Reloaded Theme Version 1.2

Now out is version 1.2 of the Semiologic Reloaded WordPress theme.    This version has been tested against WordPress 3.6 and PHP 5.4.

Version 1.2 includes:

    • Initial implementation of editor style to match the selected skin and fonts when editting a page and post
    • Compressed presentation of skin and layout pages display
    • Added missing required WP css class rules
    • New fonts added in version 1.0 and 1.1 are now available as choices in the custom css editor.
    • Added new .main_content and .sidebar_content css class for additional skinning options
    • Use size_format in place of deprecated wp_convert_bytes_to_hr function
    • WP 3.6 compatibility
    • PHP 5.4 compatibility

Additionally you will now see your Post and Page revisions in the editor in you are a Pro member.   Previously this had been disabled by the Semiologic Fixes plugin due to performance issues in the revision implementation.   With WordPress 3.6 Post Revisions received a complete overhaul.   If you wish to turn these back off, you'll need to set an entry in your wp-config.php file.  See the instructions in the WordPress Codex.


I am planning for the next release of Semiologic Reloaded to coincide with the fall WordPress 3.7 release.   This will be a major release and be updated to be a fully responsive theme.  I also plan on improving child pages support for menus and in widget contexts.    If there is some feature or enhancement you are dying for, please make your voice heard.   I can't promise it will make the release but I will consider all requests.


Question by Lowell Mass: I want to sell renters and some specialty insurance on the side, is this easy to set up?
I know a lot of residents in large complexes, and would like to start a side business that could potentially have some residual income also. I am thinking of linking up as an agent or possible working freelance with an agent. Is this possible?

Best answer:

Answer by Zarnev
Yes, it is possible.

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