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What is the best way to make money online?

Question by : What is the best way to make money online?
After surfing the web for making money sites, I’m very confused. What is the best way to make money online today? I have a lot of time that I can focus on making money but where do I go?

Best answer:

Answer by Heather
The best way to make money is to get a real job. You are not going to make money online period. You can lose money online if you believe in all the work at home scams.

If you want to make money get dressed and go out and get a job. You will not earn money sitting at your computer.

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How to make money from youtube

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As mentioned in previous posts on this blog, efforts have been underway to bring the Semiologic Theme and Plugins up-to-date with WordPress 3.5.   Over the past several weeks I have been releasing the software versions available to Semiologic Pro members.    I am pleased to announce that I have released all the plugins excerpt for 2 to work with the latest WordPress 3.5.1 release.   The remaining 2 plugins, Mediacaster and Search Reloaded, require some more in depth development work.

The plan will be to finish off the Mediacaster and Search Reloaded plugins and then publish a complete Semiologic Pro download package.    After reaching that milestone, I can then focus on adding new functionality and continuing to advance the Semiologic products.

Thanks again for all the support over the past months.




From time to time we invite guests to post about items or interest and are pleased to have Mister Tamotsu Baba, Mayor of Namie-machi, Fukushima, Japan, join us here. – Ed.

Namie-machi is a small city in Fukushima Prefecture sitting along the coast of the Pacific. We are blessed with both ocean and mountains, and known as a place where you can experience both the beauty of the sea and the forests. Tragically, however, since the nuclear accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, all of Namie-machi’s 21,000 townspeople have had to flee their homes.

Two years have passed since the disaster, but people still aren’t allowed to enter Namie-machi. Many of the displaced townspeople have asked to see the current state of their city, and there are surely many people around the world who want a better sense of how the nuclear incident affected surrounding communities.

Working with Google, we were able to drive Street View cars through Namie-machi to capture panoramic images of the abandoned city exactly as it stands today. Starting today, this Street View imagery is available on Google Maps and the Memories for the Future site, so anyone from Namie or around the world can view it.

View Larger Map

Here is one of Namie-machi’s main streets, which we often used for outdoor events like our big Ten Days of Autumn festival that saw 300 street stalls and 100,000 visitors.

View Larger Map

Many buildings, like this one in the foreground, collapsed during the earthquake, and we still have not been able to remove them. We are also unable to repair damaged buildings and shops nor prepare them for the potential impact of further aftershocks.

View Larger Map

This image shows an area located one kilometer inland from the Pacific Ocean. In the distance you can see Ukedo Elementary School. Nearby Ukedo Harbor once proudly boasted 140 fishing boats and 500 buildings, but suffered some of the worst tsunami damage. After being set off-limits, we have not been able to clean up the wreckage on the side of the road, including the many fishing boats that were washed several kilometers inland.

Ever since the March disaster, the rest of the world has been moving forward, and many places in Japan have started recovering. But in Namie-machi time stands still. With the lingering nuclear hazard, we have only been able to do cursory work for two whole years. We would greatly appreciate it if you viewed this Street View imagery to understand the current state of Namie-machi and the tremendous gravity of the situation.

Those of us in the older generation feel that we received this town from our forebearers, and we feel great pain that we cannot pass it down to our children. It has become our generation’s duty to make sure future generations understand the city’s history and culture—maybe even those who will not remember the Fukushima nuclear accident. We want this Street View imagery to become a permanent record of what happened to Namie-machi in the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.

Finally, I want to make a renewed commitment to recovering from the nuclear hazard. It may take many years and many people’s help, but we will never give up taking back our hometown.

(Cross-posted and translated from the Google Japan Blog)

Posted by Mr. Tamotsu Baba, Mayor of Namie-machi, Fukushima, Japan

For the past four years, Google has sponsored an initiative called Computer Science for High School (CS4HS). The mission of this aptly named collaboration is simple: to bring computer science professional development to educators through hands-on workshops. In collaboration with universities, colleges and technical schools, we have helped K-12 educators bring CS into their classrooms around the world; to date, we have helped train more than 6,000 teachers worldwide—from Canada to China, Germany to New Zealand, our programs reach more and more countries with every iteration.

Today, we are pleased to announce the recipients of the 5th annual CS4HS Google grant. (To see the full list, visit our site.) As our program grows, we are working to engage as many teachers as possible in our CS efforts. To that end, this year we are offering four free MOOC courses for educators who may not be physically close to one of our workshops, but who are eager to learn the basics of computer science. In addition, we are launching our new CS4HS Community page; join the conversation and help shape the next generation of computer scientists!

Posted by Erin Mindell, Program Manager, EngEDU

Question by wickedfast87gti: What would be something good to invest in if you only have 1k?
So I have recently read “rich dad, poor dad” and I have decided to be unlike all of my other 18 year old counterparts and try my hand at investing. I would like to try to get some residual income, but I only have around $ 1000 saved up. So what could I do with it?

Best answer:

Answer by kemperk
study a “unique” and old/new area.
New in that few people study it
and old in that it has been around
for 60 yrs; each state’s counties
have EITHER foreclosure sales
of properties whose owners have not
paid their property tax for 3 yrs.
In other states [like AZ] they have
instead, tax certificate sales.

These are risk free if you do your
home work and in each state
there are some properties whose
taxes are no more than $ 900 total
dollars with penalties included.

I can guide you for free [no
tapes/junk to buy]

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How can I make the best money online today?

Question by : How can I make the best money online today?
After surfing the web for making money sites, I’m very confused. What is the best way to make money online today? I have a lot of time that I can focus on making money but where do I go?

Best answer:

Answer by Ali A
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Funding and income streams

How other community-based renewable energy projects have accessed the funding and income to turn their proposals into reality. This is part of PlanLoCaL (htt…

From cracking the human genome to advancing medical research through computer games, British social entrepreneurs have a proud history of using technology to make the world a better place.

Last year, we launched the Global Impact Awards to support nonprofits using technology to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. We gave $23 million to seven organizations working on projects ranging from aerial technology that protects wildlife to data algorithms that ensure more girls and minorities get placed in advanced math and science classes.

Today, as the next step in the Impact Awards, we’re kicking off our first Global Impact Challenge in the U.K., inviting British nonprofits to tell us how they would use technology to transform lives. Four nonprofits will each receive a £500,000 Global Impact Award, as well as Chromebooks and technical assistance from Googlers to help make their project a reality.

Applications open today, and registered British nonprofits are invited to apply online at We’ll review applications and announce 10 finalists on May 22. At that point, people across the U.K. can learn more about the projects of the top 10 finalists, donate to the ones they like and cast a vote for fan favorite. On June 3, the top 10 finalists will pitch their concepts to a judging panel that includes us (Matt Brittin and Jacquelline Fuller), Sir Richard Branson, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Jilly Forster. The three awardees and the fan favorite will be revealed at the event, which will take place at Google London.

Technology can help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges and we’re eager to back innovators who are finding new ways to make an impact. Today we’re starting the hunt in the U.K., but we also know that nonprofits all over the world are using techy approaches to develop new solutions in their sector. Who knows, the Global Impact Challenge might head your way next.

Posted by Jacquelline Fuller, director of Google Giving, and Matt Brittin, VP, sales and operations, Northern and Central Europe

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